Sunday, April 05, 2009

A humdrum Sunday afternoon

I was thinking about writing some sort of long post today, especially since my March write-up basically sucked. The problem is there really weren’t any great rides to talk about, the weather has been too bad for that, I worked too much this week so that kept the fun level pretty low and the only thing I really should be doing right now is packing for a trip to Springfield, MA.
Instead though I’m hacking out a blog entry, watching the Tour of Flanders and pondering should I really do yoga today even though I don’t really feel like it. I may have to get on the floor and start yoga though, since I already entered it into my training log for the day. Taking the time to go and delete it may be a bigger annoyance to me right now then actually doing yoga.
I guess it is just one of those days, after snow and cold, a long ride this week of only 2 hours and knowing I have to leave the house by 6:00 tomorrow to fly out, it all kind of makes you not motivated.

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Anonymous said...

Colorado's weather has been uncertain recently, so kudos/kudoes to you for training. Sorry you lost your iPod. You're in good company with losing things as that's the hallmark of all members of the maternal side of your family.