Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Racing Green 2009 Season Goal - Helping to Fight Cancer

As my faithful readers know (thanks to the three of you), over the past few years I’ve tried to incorporate into my cycling something more significant than just riding and racing for the fun of it. In 2007 I raised money for the Environmental Defense Fund in an effort to promote awareness about global warming. Last year I organized a team and promoted some rides to get people out on their bikes for the health and environmental benefits. So what for 2009? Well to be honest, until a few days ago, I didn’t know and wasn’t even sure I would do anything this season. But I was recently inspired by Fatty of Fat Cyclist fame to take up a new cause.

Have you ever read the blog Fat Cyclist? If you haven’t I ask that you check it out. If you are only going to read one post, make it this one-- Dandelion Seeds. Next you should READ THIS ONE(yea I know I said if you only read one, but after Like Dandelion Seeds you’ll read one more) and you’ll get an idea what I’m doing this year.

It is a long way until the LiveStrong ride in Austin (October 23-25) but it is time to sign up and start thinking about donating. Why LiveStrong and why Team Fatty? Well we all have some experience with cancer and its devastating effects, not only on the person with cancer, but also the entire family. I count myself lucky, when my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer at 88 she didn’t suffer, had lived a long life, full of love, family, and enjoyment. Others aren’t so lucky, having pain and suffering for years. So yea, cancer pretty much sucks and anything that can be done to find cures, ease pain and suffering and offer hope to all those afflicted is a good thing and that is what the Lance Armstrong Foundation is around for. Why Fatty? I don’t know the guy at all. He’s from Utah and so is Ade, but no real connection with him. If he walked by me today I wouldn’t know it. I’ve read his blog for a while and what has always struck me is how much he is like me (or really any of us).

Elden (Fatty) loves his bike, but he loves his wife and family more. He has busted his ass to take care of Susan and his family. If I was in the same position could I do as much as he has? Probably not even close. Taking care of Ade as he has taken care of Susan I would accept and try; being driven to go beyond his personal suffering is what has inspired me to join Team Fatty. Fatty is fighting not just for his wife, he is fighting for everyone afflicted by cancer while at the same time caring for his wife and family. I don’t know anybody with that kind of dedication which is why I’ve been inspired to try to make a small difference. I’ll head to Austin in the fall and ride. Hopefully I’ll actually meet Fatty. I do know we’ll reach the goal of $1,000,000 raised for LAF and fighting cancer. To all my friends and family please link to MY FUND RAISING PAGE and help me raise my portion of the $1,000,000. My personal goal is $2,500 and I am officially 1% of the way there. Any amount helps so please donate a little if you can.


Anonymous said...

I understand you are on a training program, and curious why they have you doing race efforts in January when your first big race is many months away? It's more the mental stress that's un-necessary, I think. I'm only brining it up because I have done that many times and get soo burned out by the end of July that i am done. Does that ever happen to you? I've decided to not race in Feb. this year and start in May -- doing my "race intervals" in March.

Racing Green said...

I honestly don't see much of my work being "race efforts". This year is actually the most mellow I've ever done in the early season. Yes some zone 3 (tempo) and 4 but the zone 4 stuff happens naturally on the climbs. I've been racing for 10+ years and never felt burned out. I'd ride every day if it was possible.

Anonymous said...

gotcha. i saw average heart rate of 176 for 20 minutes and that seemed high. 10+ years and never burned out, wow. ok, learn to live off the earth, build a log cabin in the mountains, hunt wild animals so you can ride every day. and when a part breaks, ah, hmmm. haha. stupid work. i do know firefighters that seem to be able to ride most days. there must be a way. :)