Monday, April 13, 2009


I’ve recently gained a new training partner for my cycling, for me this is a big deal. Most of the time I train alone. I like riding alone, no time schedules, no routes picked by others, no meandering conversations. Sure there are times riding with someone is good, it is nice to chat on the bike some, have someone force you to push the pace etc. but I’m not the kind of person who wants somebody to ride with daily.
All that has changed in the past few days really, I’ve found someone who is gaining the same passion I have for riding. Somebody who has the same meaningless thoughts I do and is fun to ride with any time, Seamus is taking to riding like a mad man. I’ve never forced him to ride, never forced him to ride without training wheels or anything like that. I’ve always wanted him to like riding because he enjoys it, not because I do. Recently we got him off training wheels and now there is no stopping him. Friday night a family ride, a little over a mile. Saturday a ride with me and him, probably two miles. Sunday in the pouring rain he rode for 30 minutes, crashed a few times and was smiling every second. Today he rode four miles with Ade, then he and I rode another 2-3 miles. He wants to ride across the street to friends, is planning tomorrow’s ride already and wants to do a big ride both days this weekend.
The joys of riding like a kid are what keep me going through days at work many times, now I have a kid to share the fun of riding with.

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