Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, it has been awhile. Maybe I’ll write more often. Maybe I’ll write about Wall-E and Politics still. Maybe I’ll write about races.

I did get some new tires, Conti Vertical Pros (or something like that). They seem pretty sweet, especially on tight corners, hook up and give some much needed confidence. Rode them twice and will race them on Saturday. Maybe a full report on the tires later.

OK, Wall-e; it’s a movie about mega corporation and lazy ass Americans. Everyone communicates through video screens, lives in space, doesn’t walk/exercise or even look at each other. Strange, but since seeing the movie I got a blackberry and now it is even more striking. It is really nice to actually talk to people. Today, through various electronic forms of communication I was talking to three people at work not getting anything solved. Picked up the phone (it was a day off so I couldn’t just walk over and talk to them face to face) and figured out the problems. The moral (and not very hidden) of Wall-e is that our culture is becoming very unaware of its own actions/inactions and doesn’t know how to communicate without electronic intervention (this blog for example).

Lay down the drugs kids. Try picking up the phone and talking to someone. Comments on todays blog will only be taken in person or via phone. Give me a call 303 357 0872.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I’ve got three topics I want to blog about, but who knows what we’ll get covered before I get bored. Parenting, Wall-E the movie, and politics. Somehow they are all interrelated to me right now, but here goes nothing.

For those of you who know Seamus this may not come as a surprise, but he is not a very athletic kid. The truth is he has my genetic make-up, not the athletic skills of his mother’s family. He’s kind of slow, not the most coordinated and at this point in his life not overly interested in sports. Sure I ride and race bikes all the time, but the honest truth is I’m not very athletic either. Welcome to the reality that nature plays a huge part in ones life Seamus.

So anyway the other day at the summer camp he is going to they had the Olympics. Not surprising Seamus didn’t do well compared to other kids, someone called him a loser and last night he was saying “I’m going to Loserville tomorrow”. As a parent this is a pretty tough thing to hear and try to tell a 7 year old he is not a loser just because of where he finished in a race. I’m not going to lie to him either and say it doesn’t matter, or we’re all winners (I hate teams/organizations where everyone is a winner/MVP), but I also don’t want my son thinking he is a loser. At 7 my son will go to a zoo and sketch animals in a notebook, capturing details most people would miss. He spends hours building and creating items he’s seen at museums or read about and has now started cooking dinners. Trying to draw a connection between these activities and not being a loser is nearly impossible in the mind of a 7 year old.

I also tried to explain that while I don’t win bike races and frequently finish near the back I don’t consider myself a loser, nor do most of the people I race against. At the last race I did the first person to come up to me was the winner of the race, asking me how I felt, how I did etc. He came up to me before Ade and Seamus. I tried to tell Seamus that a true winner doesn’t make fun of anybody who competes, anybody who is trying as really anybody but the winner is a loser.

Put Seamus in a cook-off against those kids he’ll add some cumin, cayenne pepper and a little cilantro and out-cook most of those kid’s mothers. Does that make them losers? Well no it just means they have a different area of talent.

Signing up to be a parent is tough. Dealing with my kid thinking he is a loser sucks, just because he runs a little slower. Some of the happiest memories I’ll ever have will be of Seamus on a chair adding spices to a meal and testing the flavor, sticking his big toes and thumbs up when the flavor is just right, giving the meal four thumbs up. Now I just need to figure out how to convince Seamus that his cooking makes him a winner.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Road Trip

Man I’ve been in hiding for a little bit. Took off on a family vacation on the 29th with the first stop a race in Winter Park. I’m not going to say the race went bad, but you can google results if you want and understand why there is no need for a race report.

Hoped in the car right after and headed to Steamboat for two days. Great weather a cool hike to Fish Creek Falls, way to much good food and relaxing. Got in the car Tuesday morning to head to SLC. Got to town in late afternoon and punched out a 2:00 ride up Mill Creek Canyon. This is one of the best rides around, 10 miles of climbing on a great road, minimal traffic and a sweet downhill as a reward. Special props on Mill Creek, I got married at a place about ½ way up 11 years ago so I always like the ride. Drank some drinks back at the family’s house after and was up at 6:00 riding Mill Creek again.

Family reunion started the next day at Snowbird, calling for more hours on the bike this time all dirt and hard rides. The big news though; riding the mechanical bull at Snowbird. PBR here I come. That big bull has nothing on this city boy.

After 10 days out of work I’m back to the real world and ready for more time off. Damn, maybe I should train so I don’t have to be embarrassed by my results.