Friday, April 10, 2009

Pedestrian Ride

Some rides are designed to increase endurance, some days speed, and some day’s technical skills as a racer these are some of the components critical to making racing fun. But some days riding takes a more pedestrian approach to its purpose.
Yesterday, before work I had put in a solid workout on the bike 30 minute tempo effort and 1:15 total on the bike (remember this is all prior to 7:00am). As I left work I pondered another tempo effort on the way home, maybe 15-20 minutes for that little extra work. After making it out of downtown I decided to skip the harder work and just spin home. The pack was full, a computer, notebook, some files for work, not to mention my headlamp and clothes from a day in the office. The pack was pushing maximum capacity at this point, I’d guess close to 15 pounds and the idea of trying to ride the bike fast with this extra weight didn’t sound fun.
About half way home I decided to stop and get some wine (cause I like it) and some cupcakes (cause Ade and Shay like them). The good thing for me is there is a cupcake shop and wine shop about three doors from each other on my way home, with about 3 miles of riding still to go. With the pack full and cupcakes fragile it became a no-hand/one-handed ride home for the last few miles (I stuffed the wine in the pack somehow) and my pace slowed. Even when I take it easy I usually ride at what most people consider a fast pace. Yet on my way home yesterday with all the stuff in my pack, cupcakes and a mental desire to relax after a long week of travel I took a more pedestrian pace. Those last three miles were fun. I noticed things that normally I pass by without a glance. I was passed by other riders, looking slightly silly with a full kit on and all my extra luggage but I didn’t mind. The ride was another simple reminder of why riding is so enjoyable for me.

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