Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Back

Really I haven't been missing, just not blogging. Maybe people will come back to the site if I actually have something new posted. Lots of news...Racing Green MTB (the team) is ready for action. Kits are in and being distributed, roster is full of a good group of guys (and riders), and we (ok mostly me) are preparing our first community outreach ( for more info). The community outreach is rides for all abilities in the Stapleton neighborhood. The rides have a two-fold purpose: get people riding and enjoying bikes and teach people about how to lessen their environmental impact through riding and other changes. I'm hoping we get a few people to turn out for the ride (May 11).

The local monthly newspaper is putting in a blurb about the ride and even took some pictures to go along with the announcement. Since the ride is on Mother's day it is being billed as a Mother's Day ride. The newspaper wanted to know if I knew any mother/kids who would particpate and use them for the photos. Good thing I have a built in modeling crew with Ade and Shay. I'll post a link when the paper comes out.

Rolling a lot of miles on the bike, which I must say got a lot easier as I picked up a new Cannondale road bike (from of course). Jason, Gavin and Chandler have me on two sweet new rides for the year, now I just hope I can do them justice. For once I can thank George W for something, since I'm spending the tax rebate early for the new road bike. One good thing in eight years isn't bad (right?). Ok, we'll forget why I was able to get the bike and just ride.