Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March ended with a whimper, two days off the bike. The days weren’t really planned off, just kind of happened because of other things. The weather and travel over the next two weeks isn’t really going to help my cycling fitness out much either, so these days off probably don’t come at the best time. I’m already planning on going to bed early tonight so I can ride an hour on the rollers in the morning. I may even try a mini stage race type training, Wednesday through Sunday with good intensity but low time/miles. Next week starts off with a trip to the East coast, home for the end of the week and weekend, then another East coast trip the middle of the week of April 13.
Two trips in 10 days to with full days of travel due to connections is always rough, but I’ll manage and with some forethought should be able to ride enough not to lose fitness, the problem is I need to be gaining fitness now, getting in a few 6 hour rides.
March was another solid month of training though, 630 miles (bring the total for the year to 1876) and a few big rides including a 4 hour mountain bike ride. My first race is going to be the Front Range 50, so the long rides and time in the dirt are going to be key to doing well in that race. I also started the first intervals of the year, and while painful, they do seem to be paying off some. Now if the weather in Colorado would stop trying to trick us into thinking it is the heart of winter I’d be happy.

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