Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I’ve now raised over 10% of my goal for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the LiveStrong ride I’ll be doing in Austin later this year. It’s a little early to get overly excited about the ride, and I honestly haven’t started a big fund raising push (which I’ll need to if I’m going to raise another $2,200) but hitting the 10% mark is cool.

The LAF goal is to help fight cancer globally through three main 1. Together we will end the stigma of cancer and turn cancer victims into cancer survivors. 2. Together we will build an international grassroots movement that will take cancer from isolation to collaboration 3. Together with world leaders, we will transform cancer from obscurity to priority.

Since his comeback to racing Lance Armstrong and his foundation have utilize his fame and presence at races to raise awareness of cancer and secure government funding for cancer research worldwide. Huge announcements in Australia, Mexico and California were made this year in part because of the efforts of LAF, please consider a DONATION.


Adirondack said...

Nice. I'm also riding for team Fatty in the Philly event in August. I need to get a move on with the fundraising.

Racing Green said...

I can't wait for the ride down in Austin. The fund raising will be/is tough...but I hope to have a "special event" that will help. Good luck in the ride and with the fund raising.