Saturday, March 07, 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art - Denver

On weekends I always make sure Seamus and I have time alone together, just the boys hanging out. Strangely we don’t do normal boy stuff like watch sports or play sports, we tend to spend our time enjoying Denver’s cultural attractions. Fortunately for us we are members of the Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science, this makes regular visits to both places easy and now with Ade not working free. Today we ventured to a new (for us) place, the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. The first Saturday of every month you can get in for one penny.
We cruised around for a while there. The exhibits and overall museum was small, but very well put together. Seamus really enjoyed it; I think the “contemporary art” is really intriguing for kids, because in a lot of ways it is similar to what kids make when doing art. There was one exhibit that was very colorful and cartoonish that we both really enjoyed.

Seamus checking out the art.

Perhaps even better then the art itself was the building. The location is a new building and (I believe) was designed for the museum. Lots of wide open spaces, cool lines between the galleries, an outdoor deck/patio on the roof all made the building very interactive and artistic as well.

Me and Seamus on the roof.

I sure hope this museum can stay around and really make a place for itself in Denver. It recently merged with another local arts organization and hired a new executive director. Small(ish) non profits have a tough go of it any time, but especially in an economic environment like this. Not sure our two cents today will help them survive but it was money well spent.

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