Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week 9

The week of training that nearly wasn’t is how I’m looking at the past week. I started the week sick, so intended to take it a little easy (reducing amount of tempo work and sprints) but trying to keep the volume where I wanted it. Work had other plans though and I was lucky to eak out the 8.5 hours of training I got in.

Sometimes the stress of other aspects of life, in this case work, limits the ability or desire to train. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings I set the alarm to get up and ride. Both days I ended up sleeping more, mostly because falling asleep had been tough with a situation going on at work. The ideal way to start back to work after over two weeks off is not sitting around in conference rooms with people preparing for unexpected presentations to educate and defend your company and more importantly your own good name. I’m lucky that the other people I work with have as much passion and integrity as I do and in the end this little obstacle will just be a great learning opportunity. Last week it was a chance to limit my riding.

I managed to get in another mountain bike ride today though. There is nothing better then being 11 days into January and already have gotten in two mountain bike rides. It was cold and even a few flurries (it looks like I should have waited for the afternoon) but the ride was still fun. The ride was made more fun by the fact I just had the bike tuned for the season and it was smooth and fast. I also put on new grips, some Ergon's. I hadn't had a pair on for about six months, not sure why, as I loved the grips before and felt great with them again today. When riding a lot little things like grips and hand position can make a huge difference, guess I was dumb when I had them off during that time.

It may be a little hard to see in this picture but there is a deer eating. Along the fire road at Green Mountain there must have been 30-40 deer spread out eating the grass and watching all the people hike, run or ride by, it was pretty surreal to see that many deer.

I sent in the entry form for Leadville Trail 100 this week, I’m sure along with thousands of others. I should know by February 9th which is perfect as that will give me a little time to plan my schedule for the rest of the season. I know I want to do the Front Range 50 on May 9th which is essentially 13 weeks after finding out if I get in to Leadville. If I get in I may train a little bigger for the Front Range 50 (more miles then really I’d need to finish that race) to help with the build up to Leadville. If no go on Leadville, well then I’ll figure something else out.


Anonymous said...

The life dilemma. Work, family, race. There is no perfect balance. You are not getting any younger. You need money from your job. You need to be a good dad, husband. You need to race well. I would take a deep, deep look inside your soul and figure out your real goals in your only life. If you decide on biking and the job is really just that, a job, then take a week off and train and be with your family. The big question: If you don't ride much because work gets in the way, will you regret it later? Does work own your soul? Is that really fair?

Racing Green said...

If only it were so easy, and to be honest last week was an exception to the work rule. More stress in one week then 11 previous years there have ever thrown my way. Do I need to race well, yes, but my well is never going to be as good as many others. Yet I will always try and keep it going.

Keeping work in perspective has always been a priority for me. Keeping my family and self happy are always higher. A week off to train, not in January with the unpredicatable weather, just waiting until May for that.

Anonymous said...

stress is a myth. you could have your arm cut off, fired from work, car blow up, and house burn down...but yet still smile and have no "stress". That is what you control. Water under the bridge, all you can do is move on. If you don't sacrifice for the bike, then the results will always be "what-if". Same with anything. It is your job to stay on track and see things through. Easier said then done, and that is why some people race better. So before your next meeting, relax, smile, and remember they are only human. i'm sure they would love for you to quit biking, get super stressed, etc....but that is not going to happen. lol.