Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1

Colorado weather knows how to bring in the New Year for a cyclist. This morning I got up, left the house at 7:30 and was treated to 2 hours of mountain biking. By 8:25 I had climbed to the top of Green Mountain for the first time of the day (and year) and had a chance to enjoy the city while most others were still sleeping or just beginning to work on a hang over cure.

While Green Mountain may not be the best riding around, the climbs are solid, there are some fun downhills and in the winter the trails dry out pretty quick allowing for year round mountain biking.

Part of the climb to the top, riding from the East side of Green Mountain up to the top.

A view of the city to the East from the Green Mountain high point.

Me after the first climb of the year.

Pretty sweet way to get the year started.


m.agcaoili said...

If only I could be as cool and as tough as you. You are THE 2009 January Winter ACA Champion. All I know is you better be killing it this spring and I'll be watching. Have fun training and be safe. I'll be sure to stick my pump in your wheel if you trying passing me up Lookout Mt. :)

Anonymous said...


You have won the January 2009 World Championships at Green Mountain, jersey pending. You also captured the polka dot jersey -- KOM. Congrats.

I won worlds there last year, but didn't sign up in time this year.

Note: I am holding a world championship at Green Mountain next year, details pending. :)