Friday, July 28, 2006

How to Spend a Friday Afternoon

I took off from work today, I want to get in some big miles this weekend to get as much conditioning as I can for the next three weekends of racing. I rode for 3.5 hours today at Mt Falcon, liar of the bear, Mt Falcon. The second time up the Mt Falcon climb was miserable. It was hot, I'd been riding for 2+ hours already and there is hardly any shade on the climb. Tomorrow and Sunday I'm planning big rides with lots of climbing again. Probably one mountain bike ride and one road ride. Two weeks from now is the NORBA National in Snowmass, lots of climbing and lots of fast experts to work me over. The week before and after that are races at Winter Park.

The final race at Winter Park, will be my last of the season. An early end to the year, but with a trip to India scheduled there is no way to make the Keystone race, so Tipperary Creek will be the end. It is a great course as I remember it, although it has been a long time since I race there. The last time I raced that course was in 99 and Lance showed up after winning his first tour. I think he got second to Jimi Killen, not bad for a roadie.

I raced in Winter Park last weekend too. Didn't do to great (19 out of 22) but felt more in the game than at Deer Valley. I was riding well until I flatted, after that it was tough to make up much ground. I'm already at my limit racing expert and mechanicals don't even give me a chance. The status on this season 6 flats in 6 mountain bike races, I guess the only good news is two of the races have been multiple (3 and 2) flats. Thank god for the "heavy bottle" that people have been passing me with co2 and tubes. Given that luck it is amazing I've only had one DNF. I'm hoping the karma changes soon, at least it can't get any worse.

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