Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few pictures

Got up early this morning to ride the mountain bike. I headed up to Apex and rode for about an 1:15 before work. The sun was just starting to peak up in the east when I was taking off. It surprised me though, as a lot of people were out on the trail hiking this morning.
The moon was still out too, makes for a strange way to start a ride.

It ended up being a slow ride, my legs never felt like they had any punch in them. I rode the climb super easy and tried to just pick good lines on the downhill. Spent some time re-riding the more technical sections since no high end aerobic work was getting done.

Here is Shay and his cousin Morgan playing around at Grandma L's house. If you look on the couch you can see "Creepy Doll". This is a doll Shay has had since he was born. Creepy doll disappears at various times and then reappears. Seamus doesn't really like Creepy Doll, but Ade and are our continually entertained by making Creepy Doll reappear.

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