Saturday, July 01, 2006

Racing Dope Free and it Shows

This is my new race bike, it rocks!!!

Sorry race fans the only substance I use is red wine and beer, kind of like a top fuel dragster racing on alcohol. I could have used more today I guess since I dropped hard with two laps to go in the short track at Eldora. I was in a group of 2-4 and when it came time to decide the podium, my body decided no podium. I was pretty pleased with the race since it was my first short-track, but getting on the box is always good. Tomorrow we through down in the XC. The course at Eldora is pretty sweet. A lot of double track climbing and the downhills are a good mix of singletrack and service road for passing.

I did a lap on the XC course before the STXC, used it as my warm-up and remind myself what the course is like. I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow and if all goes well (I don't embarrass myself) I'm going to upgrade for Deer Valley. It will be a big step up, but getting my ass kicked should be fun.

I went to SF a couple of weeks ago for work. That town is great. I got some cool pictures and had a good time walking around. Drank a few beers at the bar by City Lights bookstore and had good Italian for dinner. As far as business trips go this one was fun.

The partially doper less tour will be won by Dave Z or Levi, I'll predictt the winner after the Alpe.

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