Monday, August 07, 2006

What do I have to do Yesterday?

That seems to be how things are going for me at work now, I'm constantly trying to get things done just as they are due, or a little later. I guess I can only blame myself as I accepted a couple of last minute, quick turn-around projects from clients. While I'm not directly working on the projects my staff is in more of a panic mode than normal and asking a lot of questions and needing additional help. This would all be fine, except for the fact that I've got stuff I need to get done too. Which begs the question, "why am I writing a blog update at work?" And of course the logic to answer that question is, because I want too.

The past week has been stressful outside of work as well. My grandma died last week, and while expected still sad. Add to that another round of trying to get pregant (Ade not me) that didn't work and it surely hasn't been easy street. Hell, I barely even rode last week because of everything going on.

I did go up to Winter Park to race on Saturday. Got my ass beat again pretty good. I was riding in a group of 4th-12th for most of the first climb then just ran out of gas. Wouldn't have been that bad, except for the fact that we had two laps. I ended up in 12th but lost a lot of time to the people who finished 4-11. That group was all within about a minute of each other, a few minutes down on 1-3. I finished about 10 minutes down on the group of 4-11. Unfortunatly it is a little late in the season to really improve repeatability at LT but I know that is what I need to build up on for next season.

It seems weird to be thinking of "next season" already, but the reality is I'll race three more times max this season, then take two weeks off the bike completly when I go to India in the beginning of September. Even though there are a few races after I get back I know the fitness level will be so low it won't even be worth trying to race so I'm shutting the season down after the last Winter Park race. If anybody needs a back of the pack Expert on their team for next season let me know.

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