Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday afternoon Shay went for his first big bike ride. We started from our house and planned on riding all the way to the water fountain. The ride takes me about five or six minutes when I'm heading out so I figured he could handle the whole thing. Here he is about two blocks from the house.

About a mile from the house Shay hit his first single track. He was riding strong at this point.

But we had to call in the sag wagon prior to the fountain as he was getting tired and it was 80+ degrees outside. The fountain was crazy, must have been 30 kids running around getting wet. Most of these pictures show Shay in his new red shoes.

Before hitting the singletrack with Shay I went up to Apex. Spent a lot of time riding and re-riding sections to work on the bike skills. Haven't been spending a lot of time on the dirt and with the first race a month away it is time. What amazes me is how little movements can make a difference between having fun and crashing. There were a couple of sections where if I moved just a little, readjusting my center of gravity, I was clearing. When I was riding to far forward I kept crashing.

Raced on the road today. Rode fairly strong and threw down in the sprint either winning or finishing second in the main bunch. Five guys had gotten away on the last climb and we could never catch them though. It was a blast to sprint like that, really different than the mountain bike. Not sure where the burst of speed came from, but somehow it happened.

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