Sunday, April 30, 2006

Everyone is sick but me

Well, not really everyone just Shay and Ade. At first it seemed like they both just had a cold, but Ade's cough keeps getting worse. So far I've been spared, but who knows. I hope I don't get it soon since I have to fly to NYC for a couple of days on Tuesday.

This week was a recovery week riding. I took full advantage and only rode Tuesday for 1/2 hour. Friday I did a recovery ride, then back to work on Saturday and Sunday. After last weeks road race I'm starting to feel pretty good about the upcoming season. I really need to start hitting the dirt though, especially since Angel Fire is the first race and it has some crazy down-hills.

Shay is kicking it on his bike, says he wants to take of the training wheels. He needs to get better, but soon. I took the self portrait when I was with Shay on a ride. Should be wearing a hat with that bald head.

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