Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Well its been a crazy week here, but now it's Sunday afternoon and finally starting to chill a little. Got in some good riding during the week, most of it on the trainer early in the morning, but you gotta fit it in where possible. It's been really crazy at work so I have been riding home, instead of driving with Ade, but the 1/2 hour ride is more transportation than training. Saturday afternoon I went out for a hard 2 1/2 hours. The hardest part was the wind. This picture of a flag only begins to show how bad it was. I spent the entire time by myself fighting a head wind or a cross wind. I've got to say this is one of the most windy springs I remember.

I went out this morning for a short ride with some power intervals. Trying to keep the ride time down since it was Easter so I went to the road behind my house with a three minute climb. Great place for intervals, especially when you see some of the neighbors.

Shay had a blast with Easter. He found all his eggs, then Re-hide them to add to the fun. It was a great day so Ade and Shay headed to Starbucks and the fountain by our house while I was riding. I met them after my ride and we all soaked in sun before going to my aunt's for Easter lunch, where we soaked in the sun more. Shay was wild all day, hard to believe he had tubes put in his ears again on Friday and was knocked completely out for it. The effects of the drugs lasted about two minutes.

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