Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Man work keeps me busy

So I took a new job at the company I've worked for about a month ago. I've been at the company for almost 8 years and I'm now running the department I started in, with about 30 people who report to me. The new job is great and has been a huge learning experience, but free time is limited and the hours are long. So how does that effect my training? Not really sure, especially this time of the year where training is so reduced anyway. I've been working out according to the schedule I've put together in conjunction with my "semi" coach (I don't pay him and he doesn't provide a full schedule, more a sounding board for what I need to do).

I've been hitting the weight room a lot this fall and that seems to be keeping me in shape, hell I've actually lost the weight I gained in August when I was out of the country for work. I think the increased strength/muscle in the upper body is the key benefit at this point. I've also been running a few times a week, slow but steady.

As for riding I fit in what I can. I went for a road ride last Saturday and felt good. Road home from Boulder, including a lap on the famed Morgual Bismark course from the old Coors Classic. Hell of a lot of traffic in some places but a good rolling ride. Sunday I rode Apex, which tends to be my go-to mountain bike ride. Felt good and didn't kill myself on the technical sections. I brought along a camera to take pictures, but alas forgot to check the batteries until I got there. As you can see from the site the camera didn't work. I'm planning to hit a mountain bike ride again this weekend and will try to get pictures then. After this week I'll take 2 weeks completely off the bike. The break is mostly for my mental well being as it seems that a couple weeks off at some point in the fall is needed. I'm scheduling this break to coincide with our moving into the new house so I'll be pretty busy without riding.

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