Thursday, August 17, 2006


For some strange reason I have some pictures this week. The first couple are from my office, not normally a great place to take pictures but on Monday or Tuesday of this week (I can't remember the day) we had a huge thunderstorm roll across town. I work on the 22nd floor and our office takes the entire floor so you can see the storm as it moves across town. After the rain a cool rainbow came out that you could see from my desk.
Here are some pictures of Shay from last weekend when we had a b-day party at Snowmass with Ade's family...damn that kid likes sweets. Well it looks like these pictures won't load, I'll try another post.

I also tried to take some pictures this morning when I went for a ride. I left the house at about 5:20; well before sunrise so none really turned out...but here is a close-up of me. Even though I'm taking a few days off work the riding is still early in the morning. Ade still is going to work and someone needs to be around to watch Shay. I registered for the last Winter Park race today. It is on Saturday and will be my last race of the season. It is a great course and should be fun. Then it will be trying to stay motivated to train for a couple of weeks knowing there is no race around the corner. If I can ride through Labor Day and leaving to India I'll be set, after that I can start the off-season and not feel like it is starting too early. I'll probably be wanting to start training again in mid-October since I'll be done so early, but who knows maybe I'll really try to run the Denver Marathon (or 1/2 marathon) and won't have time to think about riding. I guess that will depend on if I actually start running prior to (0r even while in) India.

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