Thursday, July 16, 2009


This week has been very successful in terms of donations for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Jeans Week at work has brought in nearly $700 and I am very close to crossing the $1,000 threshold. This is good for Fat Cyclist as well as cancer survivors on a grand level. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider a small donation, even five dollars helps. Go to THIS SITE to make a donation. I’ll match 20% of any donation through the 19th up to $500 in total donations to help the LAF.

This week I bought a new hat, not really a big deal right. But I bought a hat from the guys at Twin Six ( Not only do these guys make fashionable and comfortable gear, they donate a ton of money to LAF on Fatty’s behalf ( I’ve now got socks, shorts, jersey, arm warmers (all Fatty) and hat from the Twin Six guys. It is all the top quality and stylish looks we want. But for me the real issue is these guys really care. I’d sacrifice a little quality (though I don’t need to) in order to support their business. It is great to find a company that cares for its customers and society.
Time to chill, two hours in the morning before work.


Anonymous said...

in the blog DNF'er you break many traffic laws of Colorado and give cyclists a bad name. You should be embarrassed and apologize to all good law abiding cyclists. you help create the hatred cars have for us.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a troll that reads your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

This will be sent to the proper authorities, usacycling, world committee of sports ethics, and i would like a notarized apology by 3 p.m. EST

bonnie said...

Why don't you list one of my essays in your list of essay contacts: The Simple Pleasures of Walking, Christian Science Monitor, March 2009,

As to the comments about traffic laws and cyclists, I've been hit four times on my bike, and all four times I was obeying the traffic laws. It was at that point I decided to evaluate each traffic situation for my ultimate survival, and obey laws if they seemed reasonable and not putting me into danger.

Did you really have a concussion? This type of situation is very dangerous. If it happens again, PLEASE go get checked by a doc.

Anonymous said...

i am 14 years old and i want to ride my bike. i told my mom that since u break laws i can too so thanks. u are a good role model to kids so keep breaking lasw