Saturday, July 04, 2009

Firecracker 50

Raced the Firecracker 50 up in Breckenridge today. 50 miles 10,800 vertical feet of climbing. A long day on the bike but finished which was the main goal for the day 5:31 on the bike.


Richard said...

The Firecracker 50 is a goal of mine for next year. I haven't figured out how to train for it since I only live 400 feet above sea level.

Racing Green said...

The altitude is tough, even coming from Denver at 5280 up to Breckenridge and a low point in the race of 9500 makes it hard going. I think the key is to stay in an aerobic heart rate and pace yourself. I've spent a lot of time riding in my tempo zone, high endurance heart rate, and think that helped make the race possible.

Richard said...


All I want to do is just finish and live to enjoy some other trails while I'm in Colorado.