Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oil's at $100

So oil hits an all-time high today. Tomorrow the Presidential campaign begins its official tally. Obesity is at an all-time high. Damn it's good to live in America.

Seriously I love politics, for those who don't know me you'll get a taste over the next 10 months. I'm a bleeding heart liberal whose candidate of choice will probably say game over on Friday. I hate the money in politics, right now it is not about who can best lead the country but who has the money to buy votes. The best candidates (in both parties) will be lucky to pull in 10% of the votes in the Iowa cacuses tomorrow, won't get in more money and will go home. On the other hand people pulling in 15-25% of the vote aren't the best candidates but will get elected.

The good news though is I can save you money and help your health with my liberal green ways. I've been preaching using the bike as a form of commuting for (at least) a year. Maybe with oil at $100 a barrell more people will consider it. The benefits are huge: Save Money on Gas, Save Money on Doctor/Medicine, Feel Healthier, Help the Environment. Cliff Bar has the 2 mile challenge, trying to get people to cut the short drives of 2 miles or less. These use a huge amount of fuel (green house gas) and take as long or longer than biking with time spent finding parking etc.

I know it is the dead of winter but try to cut out one trip in the car this week. Take your bike to the weekend coffee shop trip or breakfast, the gas savings alone will almost cover the cost of the coffee.

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