Monday, October 15, 2007

It's on

The team is a go for 2008. I'm still working out details, but for now I've got Pedal Pushers helping the team out with stuff, including a hook-up on Orbea mountain bikes. Still working with a few other prospective sponsors but in 2008 Racing Green will be expanding. The team name is changing, Racing Green MTB, and the mission is expanding beyond raising awareness of global warming, but many of the concepts will remain.

For 2008 Racing Green's mission is:

Racing Green MTB is dedicated to empowering people to create a more sustainable lifestyle, both environmentally and personally, through the bicycle. Through community outreach and mountain bike race participation Racing Green MTB is committed to increasing knowledge about: human impact on the environment and providing practical measures to reduce individual impact through cycling and other lifestyle modifications and help individuals create a more sustainable health filled personal lifestyle.

I'm already working on outreach programs with a couple of local schools and more ideas are being worked on. Part of my concerns now center around getting some cash sponsors to help with the outreach. Even with dedicating my time for free most events require some costs to get things rolling. Hopefully the cash sponsors will come soon.

Jersey designing is under way.

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