Thursday, October 11, 2007


Now is the time of year when bike commuters earn their strips. It is starting to be cold and dark during portions of the commute, not December bad but enough that numbers are way down. During the summer the building I work in is over run with bike commuters, probably 3-4 dozen bikes a day parked on the racks. This summer it got so crowded the building bought two new racks and planned to implement "parking permits" for bikes. This is a cool problem to have if you ask me. It means a lot of people are using the bike as an alternative way to get around, reducing their environmental impact and having a great time riding their bikes.

Now it is mid October and (in Denver at least) if you need to be to work around 7:30 that means commuting in while it is still dark. Bust out the headlamp, put on the flashing red rear light, long sleeve jacket, full finger gloves etc. The rides home can be nice, shorts and a short sleeve jersey, but riding in is cold and slightly dangerous with it being tough for cars to see you. This morning there were 5 bikes parked at my building. I'm willing to bet in the middle of December there will be 2-3, just a few hard core crazy riders trying to sneak in every mile possible.

I'll ride through the winter again, skipping the big snow days but not much else. Last year in our big blizzard run I rode a lot. Bad roads, dark, wet conditions; it wasn't easy but I wouldn't pass it up. Last year we got our first snow in mid October and I had to ride home in the dark with no glasses. I could barely see the entire way home with snow blowing in my face, no snow is predicted yet, but it will come soon. I can't wait for the ride.

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jsager said...

yep, the mornings are rough, especially if you live on the top of a hill...coasting at 7am is the worst!