Sunday, January 28, 2007

What have you done today?

Well the weather kind of cleared, finally, so I got out for a three hour ride on the road bike. It felt good to get in a solid ride, even if it was pretty cold at times. I went riding out east of town, around the airport. The riding is great with rolling hills most of the time and hardly any traffic. To get in shape for the Firecracker 50, and the rest of the season, I really need to get in these long rides to build up my endurance. Too bad next week is looking snowy and cold again, which will limit the riding. On top of that I’m heading to Houston on Thursday and Friday so I’ll have limited training those days.

I put a new link on the top of the site, for This site was started by Laurie David, who produced An Inconvenient Truth and is married to Larry David who wrote and created Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld. She started the site as a “virtual march” to let politicians know that people are concerned with Global Warming. I’m not sure if a web site has the same effect as 100’s of thousands of people actually marching on Washington like the civil rights movement, but given the new era maybe it does. I mean think of the importance of the internet, at least two potential presidential candidates, Obama and Hilary announced their intentions on their own web site. Who needs the national media when you can film, produce and air your own message. Anyway, I ask each of you to take a few minutes and add your name to the march as As I’ve been asking myself each day recently, what have you done to help protect our environment, something as simple as clicking on the web can help.

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Anonymous said...

How are those fingers? That's right.....road bikes rule!!!