Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We spent Memorial Day weekend in SLC visiting Ade's family. Her sister Lisa and brother-in-law Scott just had a baby the Saturday before (May 20). We hung out with the young Calvin throughout the weekend. Shay was nervous and would never hold his cousin because he was scared. He did like him though, especially all his hair.

Here is Shay, Lisa and Calvin.

And a picture of me and the little man.

I did get in a lot of riding over the weekend too. Saturday (when we got into town) was rainy and snow in the hills so I didn't ride. On Sunday the weather finally cleared in the afternoon so I spent time on the road. From Linda's new house all you can do is climb so I did three efforts of about 15-20 minutes in the afternoon. Monday was a big ride. I went out with Eric for almost three hours and got worked over. We climb a ton, to the top of Big Mountain east of SLC. It was damn cold at the top and we couldn't make a loop of the ride because of snow. We ended up back tracking to avoid snow but it still was a solid ride. Here I am freezing my ass off at about 8500 feet. Park City is to my right (left in picture) with the valley to my right.

The riding was solid on Monday and I felt it. On Tuesday I went out for 1.5 early in the morning on the mountain bike. Started climbing from Lynda's again but hit the dirt this time and cruised towards the capital. It was a good ride, but after the two previous days I was tired as hell from climbing. We spent the rest of the day at the mall hanging out and letting Shay play in the fountain.

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