Sunday, November 13, 2005

November and no SNOW

So, We're all moved in at the new house. Most boxes are unpacked, thanks Ade, pictures are on the walls, and both cars fit in the garage. If that isn't moved in I don't know what is. Sure the walls are all builder beige, but paint will happen sooner or later. As for the bike, well the first week of base is done. A total of 8 hours of riding this past week (plus an hour in the weight room).

Three of the hours were pre-dawn rides in the basement. This year for a new adventure I bought rollers and have the trainer sitting. The first day was nerve wracking and crazy, the second I had to stop to drink, the third starting and stopping with no support and I could drink while riding. Rollers sure are different than a trainer but add some "fun" to riding inside. My goal for the winter is to ride no-hands on the rollers. Wish me luck.

And the good news is...good weather in Denver. Saturday I got in a 2 hour mountain bike ride and Sunday a 3 hour road ride. Saturday was at Green Mountain which will be the primary mountain bike spot for awhile, since snow melts quick there. It was windy as hell. I actually had to walk a few sections for fear of crashing while riding. I got in an awesome workout and felt dead tired later. A few pictures from the day...

A storm blowing in:

The view of Denver from the top of Green Mountain:

This is one of the few technical sections at Green Mountain, tough to see in this picture, but ass to wheel for 30 meters.

Sunday was a long ride to Cherry Creek. Felt tired the whole time from yesterday's mountain bike ride and cheap red wine. That's what base is about though, long hung over miles, kind of like a stage race.

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