Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catch up

A week of rest. I’ve heard a lot of coaches and local racers say at this level (meaning a local amateur) it is impossible to be overtrained, just under rested. Well this week I’m working on getting rested. After a big block of training last week the body needs some R&R; Monday off but a massage, Tuesday easy with yoga, Wednesday easy and a NAP, Thursday seems like another good rest day and Friday we’ll see. Not riding hard is tough, spinning along at a slow pace, short rides and napping don't fit my normal schedule but I've been riding a lot more miles and time this year and can tell the body needs to recover, so I'll take it easy and wait until the body is ready to go hard again.

Saturday brings another race, but I’m riding it for training only, the Winter Park Hill Climb is 40ish minutes of climbing. I plan to get there early ride the climb once at a good tempo pace and then push it again in the race. The day should total 20 miles with about 5,000 feet of climbing and should make for good training.

I just picked up the mountain bike after getting it worked on, after some hard rides recently she needed a little TLC. I’ll ride her Friday to make sure everything is dialed for racing (nothing like waiting until the last minute) but hey that’s when I’ll have a chance.


Anonymous said...

i'm not paying $30 to ride up a hill and drive 3 hours, but you should consider using only one brake (save weight), high PSI, and maybe even take off your small chainring, or big one. or both.

a competitive advantage within the rules is allowed. if you plan on riding after, well, then that changes things. i remember when JHK showed up on a 19 lb. bike.

Anonymous said...

Hey, haven't posted in awhile. 5,000 ft, sweet. Hey hope you had fun at the race. Most people will never get to experience that kind of enjoyment, so enjoy it while it lasts (hopefully many, many decades more).

Anonymous said...

first ride of the year, 43 minutes. i just wanted to go under 45. ok, time to put the bike back in the garage.