Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's All About Choices

I often tell people “it’s all about choices”. This arises frequently when people ask how I can fit in so much time and energy for riding and racing, but the reality is it deals with all aspects of life. Many times for me it deals with another glass of red or waking up early for a long ride. A week ago the choices became a little more real, a little more important then another glass of wine or not.

I’ve talked about politics, I’ve talked about my stance on government spending to stimulate the economy and I’ve talked about the current “depression”. As one reader responded a few weeks ago the difference between recession and depression is when it happens to you it is a depression. Well then welcome to the depression. Last Friday Ade was laid off. Actually they used some term that sounds way better then that, but the fact is she isn’t working anymore and for the entire family it’s all about choices. We’ve been making hard choices this week, but the reality is, for us at least right now those choices aren’t as hard as many others in this country are needing to make right now.

We are in a good position, a decent severance package, I’m still employed and even on one income the real life expenses (mortgage, food, insurance) can be covered with a cautious eye. Some of our choices were easy, no more before school care for Seamus when mom is around. No more Starbucks everyday. Checking more books out at the library and not buying any for the time being. Other choices, while still easy aren’t as clear cut. All natural versus organic can save $10-$15 a week on food, but is it as healthy? Buying none natural even saves another $5-$10. Well for now I’ll stick to natural. Some may say that is a luxury anyway, though I’d say eating healthy is not a luxury just a smart choice. Medical insurance is on my company anyway so no change there. Yea we’re making choices but not whether to pay the mortgage or food or credit card so in that sense we’re lucky.

It’s all about choices, fewer bike races, less coffee, whatever it may be. Today we all went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to check out the new exhibit on Nature Unleashed. Our choices are easy compared to those who survived Katrina. Our choices are easy compared to those who survived the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. Our choice today to not spend money but to spend time as a family makes this all a little easier. I can still ride my bike, ride it as fast as I want, I just won’t spend much on entry fees this year. That’s another choice I can live with.


Anonymous said...

Well, sorry about your wife losing her job. There is one road you can take, "Oh no, she will never find a job again, we will lose our house, i'm soo stressed i can't function and get super mad, what if we both lose our jobs, how will we ever make it, will we live under a bridge, no, no, no...what will our friends and family think..."

Then there is the other path. "YES!! No more useless work stress for a few months. YES!! More time with my family and son. YES!! I can re-charge and get motivated again regarding the "fun" things in life, without worrying about stress work put on me for no reason but to make my life miserable. YES!! I know in 10-years I will look back and say 'boy, i'm glad i'm not still at that company.'

Everyone handles things in life differently, but I think anyone can handle the good things. character comes out when you have to handle things tough. I think it's important to ONLY surround yourself with positive people. This is very key. Spin it in the short-run however you want to make it positive. Enjoy it.

We all know how short and precious life is. Most of us slow down around 70, so that isn't that far away for most. Less work for a little bit of time is a great thing, actually, and if someone gave you a boatload of money...guess what, you would quit your job. We work mainly because we have to, not that we want to. So now's the time to do what you want to. have fun.

Racing Green said...

Great message and perspective. We are trying to focus on the good. Ade has wanted out of finance for a long time, now is the chance to look and find a "career", spend time as a family and enjoy.