Thursday, December 11, 2008

Training Time

Recently on a mountain bike forum ( there have been a lot of questions about how to fit in training and work and life and family etc. I also get this type of question a lot from friends. Well it gets down to motivation and figuring it out. A typical week for me of training looks like this:

Monday – easy day commute home from work
Tuesday – riding by 5 for at least 1 hour before work, ride home, yoga at home
Wednesday – same as Tuesday less the yoga
Thursday – up at 5 again; try to sneak in an extra 30 minutes (for a full hour) on the commute home, yoga at home
Friday – see Monday
Saturday – gone by 7 for a hard two hours
Sunday – gone by 7 for about 4 hours

Here I am on my way home from, you can see the staps of the backpack in black if you look close.

Towards the end of my ride home today, starting to get dark and the camera phone doesn't do me justice.

This schedule gives me plenty of time at home with the family, time for work and time to relax some. The one thing I don’t do that I should for training is sleep 8 hours a night, 7 is great, 6 realistic.


UltraRob said...

I struggle if I don't get close to 8 hours of sleep. I blame it on my thyroid not working. I wish I could trade an hour of 2 of sleep for time on the bike.

Racing Green said...

The thyroid can be a big issue. I had a hyper-thyroid issue a few years back and since the body was so reveved up I was always tired and couldn't ride. Lucky for me it resolved on its own (subacute thyroiditis).