Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Sometimes you have to ask why? Why do I get up at strange hours to ride my bike? Why do I carry wet wipes in my backpack? Do they really help reduce the sweat smell after riding in to work? Why do I update my blog? Why are most of my blogs about riding? Why do I care about global warming and the environment? Why do I think Hillary has handled her defeat like a 2 year old?

Sometimes you have to answer the why's as well. I love riding, and know early is the time to ride. Don't really care much if I smell after riding, but I do think the wet wipes help. The blog, I don't know on that. The environment, well because we do have an impact and even little changes can make a difference ( a quick example, shipping of goods. The heavier the shipment the more fuel it takes to ship; therefore the more carbon released. Consider buying goods that have taken this into account. One of my new favorite brands of drinks is Honest Tea, great tasting, all organic (less methane and carbon in growing the ingredients) and shipped in lighter weight easily recyclable plastic bottles. Check them out at look for companies making the small changes.

Why do I think Hillary is acting like a 2 year old, well she lost. Maybe she has more popular votes, maybe not (caucus states are impossible to accurately count, Michigan was a debacle)but either way she doesn't have the delegates. Admit defeat, step aside and work to help Obama win. We don't need more time in a war that was suppose to protect us from weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist.

I strongly supported Hillary until last night. I voted for Nader in 2000, maybe I will again.


flahute said...

So it's YOUR fault that Gore didn't become President in 2000!

While Obama seems to have a lot of support in Utah, I'm still not sure that this reddest of red states can go blue, but Colorado stands a chance.

If necessary, I'll trade votes ...

Racing Green said...

My vote in Colorado didn't kill Gore in 2000, strangely enough I was in Palm Beach Florida on election night though. As early as noon that day the local press was talking about election problems, who knew then what an issue was being started.

Obama is polling 10 points up in Colorado as of this morning, and realistically with the convention here that should stay strong, but don't worry while I actually prefer McCain's environmental policy and track record there are enough other issues that I'm going to do my part to make colorado blue.

I'm going to be in SLC late June/early July...if you're around let's grab a pint.