Thursday, May 15, 2008

Racing (Kinda0

I was leaving the office yesterday to ride home, right as I was getting on the bike in front of the office a guy I work with who lives a block from me was walking out of the office. He offered a 6 pack to the winner, I took him up on the bet. It's just over 7 miles straight home, take into account walking to a parking lot, lights etc. and my ability to always see a green light (or maybe I just don't understand how lights work) it was an easy race.

About 20 minutes later I was on the phone...tonight I have beer. Another benefit of commuting by bike.


Anonymous said...

Battle the Bear tomorrow? If it helps I will thorw a sixer on the line.


Racing Green said...

Oh yea I'm racing. Field looks small but solid, especially Greg that guy is always fast.

It'll be good to see you there.