Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long Week

It was a long week for me with little time to ride. I went to New York on Tuesday and Wednesday then headed up to Springfield, MA on Thursday for work. Between all the travel, trying to catch up at work and spending time with the family I didn't get a lot of riding in. Oh well, I'm taking tomorrow off and going for a 6 hour ride.

I did get a change to write my April newsletter, for those not on my email list let me know if you'd like me to send one.

Better get to sleep soon if I'm really going to ride that long tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Just got a chance to read your newsletter. I agree soooo much with your opinion that legislation alone won't accomplish the ends you want. Unfortunately, some (including legislators) feel that passing laws takes care of problems. If that were so, we'd have no murders! Many many years ago (about 35), those of us who were environmentalists then began predicting oil shortages and skyrocketing prices. While the Doomsday picture hasn't come true as fast or as comprehensively as we thought, today's "oil crisis" supports that original prediction. I'm hopeful that rising prices on oil plus falling prices on alternative forms of energy will help the trend tip in the right direction.

The education process is slow and goes in fits and starts, but a groundswell in a social movement provides the strong foundation needed. Sometimes we need to turn around and look back at what's been accomplished. Thirty-five years ago, environmentalists were considered extremists; now they're simply cutting-edge.

As for Shay picking up litter! I ask you to remember just how embarrassed two small children, again years ago, were when their mother picked up trash off the street. "I told you so!" A mother's dream response.


dmc said...

Damn my mom is long winded.