Sunday, November 12, 2006

About two months

Well, it's been two months since I last hit up the blog. Keep meaning to write something but time is at a premium these days. Since I got back from India I've been working damn near every day on the software development project I went to India for. Unfortunately for me the project hasn't been going to well lately and we are now past our delivery date and fighting to get stuff done before the end of the year. Oh well soon that will end.

I have managed to fit in a minimal amount of riding and even raced a cross race last weekend in Boulder. The race was part of the USGP of Cyclo-cross and it was crazy. I raced in the 4's and finished 82nd out of 140+ starters. The speed was crazy and it was a tight and twisty course. The race was a hell of a lot of fun and now that I've got a cross bike am going to fit in a few more races.

On a note I don't normally hit on in this blog, hell yea November 7. I waited in line 1.5 hours to vote. Not sure how crazy voting was in other places but in Denver it was freaking insane. Only two more years of Bush then the real work of correcting his time in office can begin. In a strange connection I'll have big news on my racing for next year that is very related to politics. I know that seems pretty confusion, but stay tuned and find out. I'm just beginning to put things together. I hope to have basic details ready in about a week.

And on a final note, I'm usually highly skeptical of racers who claim to be clean after missing tests, or being found positive; however, two recent cases have me very confused. I don't know personally, nor do I know Bart very well at all but these cats are getting a bum rap. Bart has been racing in Utah with Eric for years, I've seen the guy at races, hotels and parties over the year and I don't even think he drinks much less takes the juice. His family is some of the most solid people I've met racing and a suspension for him is f**ked up. Get someone like Vino out who missed at test in Spain and went on to win the race, not a guy like Bart who was an alternate and showed up after finding out he needed to be tested. Neither Bart or Sager are making a living or getting rich off this sport and to be honest they are middle of the packers. No doping going on.

Stay tuned...Sometime the winter is more fun than the racing season.

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