Saturday, September 09, 2006

Touring India

So today is Saturday, no real post for yesterday. I've spent most of Thursday and Friday actually working my ass off. Kind of makes sense, given that is why I'm here, but I'm not going to travel half way around the world and not take in the sights. I may not be sleeping, working a lot and getting fat from eating but oh well. Today will be a little more of a photo dump than anything so enjoy.

We went down to Mamallapuram which is a little south of Chennai. On the way down we stopped at a crocidile refuge that helps save crocs all across the world and houses over a thousand. I told Shay I was going to fight one, so I kicked the ass of the one in the first picture. The town is known for carvings in large rock formations. This next picture shows some of the carvings in the rock, along with me and Balaji who I've been working with and has kindly been a great tour guide. Here is a carving of a two monkeys cleaning each other, given that Ade and her mom are together today this is especially funny to me. Here is a link to a heap of photos I've taken


Mystery Guest said...

we like the photos but are you calling us monkies? not cool. we need more detailed comments and also more pictures. more, more, more.

p.s seamus can still smell your stinky farts. I heard India has a mysterious new stench.

Anonymous said...

becareful of those snakes they are marine water snakes, the most deadly in the world. 30,000 people in india are killed by snakes annually